Bristol® 3808-10A Multivariable Transmitter 

The model 3808-10A is a low power multivariable digital transmitter that accurately measures two variables, pressure and temperature, and is ideal for the correction of linear gas meters, such as turbine meters and ultrasonic meters, at custody-transfer stations.  It is designed for use in remote applications that require accurate measurement and rugged packaging.


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 Product & Service Documentation
 Bristol 3808 Multivariable Transmitter (flier)
806 KBpdfApril 2011B
 Bristol 3808 MVT Communications Using BSAP and MODBUS over RS485
1 MBpdfApril 2011B
 Overview of Typical Applications for the Bristol 3808 MVT Smart Multivariable Transmitter
703 KBpdfJuly 2007A
 Ultrasonic Metering Applications with the Bristol 3808 MVT Smart Multivariable Transmitter
301 KBpdfJuly 2007A
 Data Sheets - Bulletins - Catalogs
 3808-10a MVT Multi-Variable Transmitter (with P/T variables)
1 MBpdfJune 2013K
 Manuals & Guides
 Bristol 3808 Multivariable Transmitters
5 MBpdfJanuary 2006A
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