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Water and Waste Water

Water and Wastewater Solution

When Reliability, Serviceability and Safety Matter, Trust Emerson Actuators to Deliver Proven, Intelligent Water and Wastewater Solutions

Throughout the water and wastewater industry, the challenge has always been the same-- ensure increased productivity and output quality. When maintenance issues, lack of process insight and operation errors affect your water supply and waste treatment facilities, you need solutions that permanently solve the problem and give you so much more in reliability.

 What if you could...?
  1. Reduce errors in operating valves that can result in lost production
  2. Reduce unplanned downtime that can impact production and residential demand
  3. Reduce procurement complexities with only a single supplier and management of a variety of actuators
  4. Reduce manpower to maintain and operate plants and minimize personnel involvement in having to learn new controls; simultaneously reduce human error and increase operation efficiency 


And now... Emerson is able to provide the ultimate solution to the challenges of the water and wastewater industry with the next generation smart non-intrusive Bettis (or EIM, as applicable to NA) TEC2 Electric Actuator with the new Model 500, the smallest, lightest multi-turn actuator frame size in our portfolio.
Bettis TEC2 Electric Actuator provides
  1. Intelligent diagnostic solutions help you gain access to alarms, valve performance/torque profiles.
  2. 4800 plus event logger with date and time stamp that can monitor over 60 actuator alarms and functions.
  3. Reliable gear driven absolute position detection and mechanical movement torque monitoring use non-contacting Hall-Effect sensors instead of algorithms interpreting torque from motor current, voltage and speed. Position and torque measurement are not subject to software changes and do not require recalibration if motors or gear ratios change.
  4. Patented RDM remote display and control module provides same control, monitoring and setup capability as controls on the actuator. One or two RDMs can be provided and mounted up to 1200 meters (4000 ft.) from the actuator. Safety protection feature prevents local or remote operation if selector on actuator or RDM is in the OFF/STOP position and can be padlocked in OFF/STOP.
  5. Wide variety of electric actuator model sizes are available to meet valve and gate torque and thrust requirements used in water and wastewater facilities.
  6. Single-source solutions provide faster diagnosis and resolution of any issue reducing plant downtime.


Bettis | EIM North America only