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Maintenance and Engineering

Control The Battle

The daily battle against equipment failures is the front line of physical asset health improvement. Advancing the front is logistically impossible with reactive practices. Making progress requires the right information, strategy, tactics and training. No matter where you need reinforcements, Emerson will help you move forward. We know how to win the battle to maintain equipment better than anyone. Our engineers have been documenting the reliability characteristics of equipment for more than 20 years and know the strategies that work and why they work. Our consultants are highly experienced at designing and implementing proactive maintenance processes that optimize the effectiveness of your resources. When you need our support, we bring knowledge and documentation with us. Best of all, we specialize in getting you the resources and methodologies that turn the tide of battle.

10 Rules for Better Reliability

Emerson’s time-tested standards and methodologies have helped many organizations optimize their assets. Consider ten of the most basic concepts that every maintenance manager should take into battle. These tips provide a springboard to more advanced concepts, helping you move forward.

  1. Failures don’t have to happen.
  2. The work order system is your best friend.
  3. Preventive and predictive maintenance is the most important work you can do.
  4. Proper planning of maintenance work will provide you with free labor.
  5. You have to build a partnership with Operations.
  6. Scheduling will enhance your credibility with Operations.
  7. Reliability engineers are "free."
  8. You can’t manage effectively without data.
  9. The more reactive you are, the more you have to depend on a good storeroom.
  10. The second law of thermodynamics applies to Maintenance.