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Control Data Risks

EAM implementations can be messy. Previously hidden data sets surprise as they surface out of fragmented processes and each plant's unique practices. Consolidating them into the new system and assuring that they deliver the business case by supporting asset performance improvements while still meeting milestones is a complex challenge.

Emerson’s accelerators manage data from all sites and standardize them on a common taxonomy in a single master database. To eliminate problems before they occur, we validate the fields of all records against your EAM configuration requirements as we go. When key attribute data are missing, you can turn to our libraries to fill the void. And if ultimately required, engineers will be mobilized to the field to visually inspect assets to close any remaining gaps. With detailed reporting (including control points that can align with your company’s Sarbanes – Oxley program), you will know exactly where your data are throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Let Us Help You Improve Value Chain Performance

Enterprise asset management is a complex discipline that requires contributions from engineering, management consulting and systems integration. MRG’s unique capabilities complement both system implementers and traditional engineering contractors. We enable a hand shake that ties detailed engineering practices to enterprise-scale implementations.

As you look to improve the performance of your value chain through the tenets of EAM, Supply Chain Management, Work Management, Capital Planning and Operational Risk Management, come see how our services can help.