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Asset Performance Delivered

No matter whether you need improved asset health to boost returns on assets or to reduce the risk of critical asset failures or are just looking to mitigate data risk in your EAM initiative, Emerson offers the solutions that best support your needs.

Corporate Executives

The health of your physical assets is the key to competitive advantage, but many organizations have not considered Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Leaders who recognize the role of physical assets in their value chain adopt EAM...

EAM System Implementers

EAM implementations can be messy. Previously hidden data sets surprise as they surface out of fragmented processes and each plant's unique practices. Consolidating them into the new system is a complex challenge.

Plant Managers

On the path to peak asset performance, organizational inertia is frustrating to overcome. Entrenched practices prevent performance improvement...The destination is clear, but where should you roll the rock next and who will help?

Maintenance and Engineering

The daily battle against equipment failures is the front line of physical asset health improvement. Advancing the front is logistically impossible with reactive practices. Progress requires the right information, strategy, tactics and training.