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Less Effort, Less Time

Transformational change takes lots of energy and time. But any good chemist will tell you that you can lower the energy and time needed to complete a reaction by finding the right catalyst. Emerson’s accelerators are designed to catalyze the EAM implementation process - from asset to enterprise.

Trouble Getting Your EAM System off the Ground? Catapult® software is proven to launch CMMS/EAM systems and reliability programs, meeting physical asset health improvement goals and project ​deadlines, while mitigating data risk. Learn more

WebRUSL 3.1®​

WebRUSL 3.1 is an improved platform with new productivity tools. It is an easy-to-use, low cost service proven to eliminate unne​​cessary expenditures for MRO inventory. Identifying and storing the correct spare parts is critical to maintaining crucial operations.​ Learn more

The Reliability Game®
​The Reliability Game® demonstrates the importance of a proactive maintenance environment to players from every corner of your organization with an interactive, easy-to-understand approach. Learn more

Organizing maintenance data is a huge challenge: cost centers, equipm​ent locations, endless attributes, materials, craft types, failure codes, work types, priority codes, failure modes and on and on. Our taxonomy organizes all of these data... Learn more​

Emerson has developed and maintains a delivery standard for the deliverables that we encounter frequently, allowing us to rapidly expand our organization to meet client demand while still maintaining high quality. Learn more

EAM Booster Packs™
The EAM Booster Packs™ are a comprehensive set of reliability engineering and maintenance management content that fills in the gaps in legacy data allowing business requirements to be met while reducing your organization’s project ​risk. Learn more

Houston Reliabilty Center ​​
The Houston Reliability Center is high quality reliability engineering and data integrity resource that can be blended with in-house capabilities to ensure that asset reliability projects stay on schedule and that the operational goals are achieved. Learn more

Business Case Calculator
​Knowing where you stand relative to your peers is an essential first step in building a case for improvement. You need to know how much room you have for improvement, what the benefits will be and how much investment will be required to get there.​ Learn more​