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The Reliability Game

It Pays to be Proactive


It is hard for anyone to accept a new and unfamiliar approach to an activity they have already mastered. Getting many people to change at once is an even greater challenge. The Reliability Game® lowers resistance to change by letting people experience the transition to a new, proactive environment. Players learn to "follow the money" to proactive behavior and coopera​tion. They often take away enthusiasm f​​or a better way to work. Participants will learn:

  • The financial opportunity associated with proactive maintenance
  • Where the money goes
  • How to stop wasting money
  • The true power and value of communication between the 4 primary areas having the most impact on asset lifecycle value – Finance, Operations, Maintenance and Supply Chain


Realizing the physical asset health improvement potential of an EAM program depends on changing behavior at the plant floor, across all plants. A Reliability Game® license provides access to the game on your schedule and enables you to integrate the game into a comprehensive change management program. Games are branded as yours and customized to allow you to communicate the proactive approach in your own terms. Each license includes:

  • Game components including a game board customized with your logo
  • Master participant game forms
  • A standard facilitator guide
  • A scoring spreadsheet template

The Reliability Game®