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EAM Services

Emerson Reliability Enterprise Asset Management Services

EAM Services  

Project Phases

Like all large scale projects, EAM Implementations are broken down into a number of distinct phases. We bring depth and detail in several critical areas to complement your implementation team – internal or third party.

Project Planning Phase

Everyone knows the six Ps of planning. Whether your objectives are to meet implementation project milestones or to get more from your current assets, Emerson enhances your chances of success. We provide the proper perspective to prepare for and prevent project pitfalls.

Process Design Phase

If you need design support, our experts will arrive equipped with appropriate workflow templates for work management, materials management and management of change. We help you understand the value of the processes as designed and then tailor them to meet the specific needs of your business.

Implementation and Go Live Phases

Reorganizing and rebuilding asset master data is a specialized, intensive process. Unlike many physical asset management consultancies, Emerson’s Reliability Consulting goes beyond recommendations and puts boots on the ground – field engineers who are trained and equipped to implement your new program.


Project Threads

It takes many months and even years for an EAM implementation to go from start to finish (and finish is not defined as “go-live”). Our Project Thread offerings will enrich your project throughout its lifecycle.

Program Management

Project management is the discipline of planning and managing the resources needed to deliver a project’s business case. When all the resources are not directly under the Project Manager’s control...

Master Data Management

Robust, enterprise systems are common in corporations today. But they typically do not house data that is consistently, thoroughly and accurately developed, managed and sustained...

Culture Change

Technically sound solutions are not enough to change old habits. Creating enthusiasm for change is harder still. We support our clients in developing alignment to common objectives among all stakeholders.

Reliability Engineering

Your EAM implementation should have a dramatic impact on asset health but your EAM system alone is not enough. Emerson is experienced in applying reliability engineering principles to drive asset health on the scale of your choosing.