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EIM has manufactured high quality electric and manual gear valve actuators for over 60 years.  EIM is proud to have developed and patented a number of basic designs now used throughout the valve actuator industry. EIM continues to innovate offering highly reliable valve actuators for virtually any application.
  • 2000HP Actuator
    Utilizing the pipeline's pressure to generate the torque needed to reliably open and close large valves. (Control power supply range: 40 to 1,000 psi. Motor: 350 to 1,440 psi.)
  • Controlinc Network Control
    Controlinc is EIM's revolutionary digital control system, utilizing onboard microprocessors located in every Controlinc equipped actuator, for control and monitoring of multiple valve actuators.
  • EIM TEC2 Electric Actuator
    The EIM TEC2 Electric Actuator with Model 500 is the next generation of the non-intrusive TEC2000 Actuators.
  • G Series Actuator
    High pressure pneumatic actuator designed to replace the handwheel on bevel or worm gears for cost-effective automation.
  • HQ Series Electric Actuator
    The HQ Series Electric Quarter Turn Actuators are an extension of EIM's world famous 2000 Series MCP, M2CP and TEC200 Actuators. This new range offers a light weight, compact unit sizable for butterfly, ball and plug valves including damper control.
  • M2CP Electric Actuators
    The M2CP electric valve actuators offers a wide range of frame sizes, horsepower ratings, and output speeds readily tailored to your specific applications.
  • Multiport Actuator - MPA
    The EIM Multiport Actuator (MPA) is an electronic system specifically designed to control and monitor the operation of the Multiport Flow Selector.
  • Part-Turn Manual Gear Operator
    Four series of Worm Gear Operators are available and suitable for all butterfly, ball and plug type valves including 90 degree dampers and guillotine dampers
  • TEC2000 Actuator
    The TEC2000 series can handle both quarter-turn and multi-turn applications across an extremely broad torque range—using either three-phase or single-phase power.