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Technologies & Services for Smarter Operations

Running a process operation means consistently hearing “Optimum Efficiency". You're under constant pressure to cut costs, increase output, reduce energy use, and improve safety and emissions — all while managing increasingly complex operations with fewer experienced workers than ever before. That's why companies from across the country, turn to Emerson Process Management India not only for automation technologies and services, but for industry expertise, solutions & support-services to help solve the problems they face today — and build an advantage for tomorrow. 
Over past three decades, Emerson Process Management India has been delivering cutting edge technologies, solutions, and expert services in India. As a technology leader, we recognize that the key to customer satisfaction and our long-term success is to anticipate customer needs and develop new technologies and innovative solutions that provide our customers with distinct competitive advantages. Our success stories demonstrate our expertise which has been gained in oil and gas, petrochemicals and refineries, power, chemical processing, life-sciences and biotech, food and beverage, metals and mining sectors. Emerson offices are situated near to prominent industry belts throughout India (contact us).
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