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Tuas Power Cuts Time for Turnarounds, Ensures Reliable Power Delivery

Tuas power operates two 600 megawatt boiler-turbine-generator units and four 367 megawatt combined cycle plants

“We supply between 22 and 25 percent of the power for Singapore,” commented Chong Chee Mok, C&I executive engineer, Tuas Power Generation Pte.Ltd. “Reliability is very important and is very much dependent on the field equipment and maintenance practices we use.”

Tuas power operates two 600 megawatt boiler-turbine-generator units and four 367 megawatt combined cycle plants. It complements its 16 person from Control and Instrumentation(C&I) maintenance department with personnel from automation supplier Emerson Process Management. Emerson was selected by Tuas in a public tender for a 2 year contract to calibrate and service field instruments and control valves.  The selection was made based on cost and ability to satisfy all RFP requirements. Emerson was especially effective in showcasing its valve expertise with its demonstration lab and training at its Singapore facility.  

Tuas Power rotates its power generation units through shutdowns that enable calibrating and overhauling field equipment. On-line units supply the power load while other units are under test.  Time is of most importance.  Maintenance must be performed with excellence, and units need to ramp back on stream as quickly as possible.

“We have a broad range of Emerson transmitters and final control elements,” commented Junaidi Bin Tumiran, C&I executive engineer. “There are about 30 to 40 control valves in each unit.  They are critical to performance.  Normally, we plan to overhaul 4 valves during a turnaround.  Each valve takes about 3 days attention, at a cost of about $650 per day.”
Mr. Tumiran continued, “Time is the critical factor.  Fortunately, we have been able to reduce the number of valves overhauled from 4 to only 2.  We’ve done this by reviewing predictive on-line diagnostics from the valve controllers that are read by our Field Device Maintenance System.  The FDMS includes an AMS device with Valvelink software from Emerson.  Rather than simply scheduling valves for overhaul, the diagnostics enable personnel to know the health of the valve and determine if overhaul is needed. We avoid wasting time on valves where servicing is unnecessary. We are pleased with this predictive maintenance approach.”

“Predictive maintenance practices are important to us,” summarized Mr. Chong. “The contract with Emerson is combining prediction knowledge of service engineers with technology like FDMS to improve efficiency of turnarounds and reliability of generation.”