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Heighten Operational Readiness

In your power generation business, there is an increasing level of unpredictability in day-to-day operations. The combination of more renewables and cheaper gas has altered your traditional dispatch and the operating profiles of your fleet. You’re now cycling formerly base loaded and peaking assets to compensate for the variability of power supply. Cycling not only reduces the availability of your fossil sites, but it’s also increasing your overall operations and maintenance costs. All the while, you’re trying to manage through these dynamic times with a smaller and less experienced workforce.
It’s because of these challenges that more and more power producers are turning to Emerson. We work with you to heighten your operational readiness – improving availability and gaining more efficiency from your operations and workforce. Select your plant type below to learn how we can help.
More and more, coal plants are being asked to follow load rather than run at base load. This plant cycling results in additional thermal stress and contributes to forced outages and higher maintenance costs....learn more
Natural Gas
Gas plants are no longer reserved for peak load and are cycled on and off with greater frequency these days. These additional startups and associated loading increase the equivalent operating hours....learn more
As the world looks to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and rely more on clean energy sources, nuclear energy is a proven option with the capacity to produce vastly expanded supplies of carbon-free electricity....learn more
Countries around the world are encouraging the development of renewable energy sources to help reduce carbon emissions that contribute to harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and to promote....learn more

"What the power sector needs are long-lived assets that can be managed and maintained effectively."

Revis James, Director of Generation Research and Development
Electric Power Research Institute