Rotary Valves 

When capacity and performance are the requirements rotary valves are the answer.  Popular rotary products include butterfly, eccentric plug, full bore pipeline, high performance butterfly and segmented ball. 
Fisher V500Eccentric Plug Valves
The eccentric plug rotary control valve features an eccentrically mounted plug or ball, which combines rotary valve efficiency with globe valve ruggedness.
Fisher V260Full Bore Pipeline Ball Valves
Full- or reduced-bore ball valves provide a solution for throttling and severe service applications in gas transmission lines, gas distribution, or liquid pipelines.
Fisher CONTROL-DISKHigh Performance Butterfly Valves
Fisher High Performance Butterfly Valves feature an eccentrically mounted disc and are known for their wide application range and shutoff capability.
Fisher® V150Segmented Ball Valves
Vee-Ball is a segmented ball valve which features a patented contoured segmented V-notch ball.
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