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Daniel Flow Meters

Innovations for a better bottom line

Daniel oil and gas fiscal flow measurement products meet or exceed international hydrocarbon measurement standards. From production to transportation to distribution, Daniel's innovative products have proven their value in a wide range of demanding measurement applications.

Daniel leverages over 80 years of custody transfer expertise to help companies around the world reduce measurement uncertainty and improve their bottom line. From our Senior® Orifice Fitting, the most widely used device in gas measurement, to intelligent ultrasonic meters that ensure higher accuracy and greater rangeability (turn-down) than traditional measurement instruments, Daniel products continue to be highly specified for gas and liquid measurement.

Download Our Sizing Tools

Size your instrument to your application using our innovative sizing tools. Simply download our free software and the system will prompt you to input the necessary data.​​

  • Daniel Liquid & Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters
    With a multi-path chordal design, Daniel intelligent ultrasonic flow meters deliver real-time diagnostics, high accuracy, stability, redundancy, and operational cost savings for oil and gas fiscal flow measurement.
  • Daniel Differential Pressure Products
    Our proven differential pressure products are the most widely used instruments for natural gas fiscal flow measurement. They are available in most sizes and pressure ratings, and meet the demanding requirements for large or special applications.
  • Daniel Flow Accessories
    Daniel offers a wide range of accessories to support oil and gas flow metering applications including flow conditioners, straightening vanes, preamps, rate indicators, registers, contactors, and gas strainers.
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